postcards that I got 1-10

2. Postcard from Belarus 3. Postcard from United states 4. Postcard from Singapore 5. Postcard from Japan 6. Postcard from United states 7. Postcard from Germany. 8. Postcard from United States 9. Postcard from Russia 10. postcard from United states the next post will be at 12 AM EDT. this post is subject to change […]


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Postcrossing the place of sending and receiving postcards all over the world.

postcrossing is a place where people get to send postcards all around the world. Postcrossing was started in 2004 in Portugal by Paulo Magalhaes. the steps of postcrossing is 1. getting a postcard id and writing (example US-0000). 2. posting the postcard and waiting for the postcard to get registered. 3. receiving a postcard and […]

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school is out

school is out! summer stuff starts this weekend. but it gets very hot in the summer.  to prevent you from getting hot follow these steps! where light colors don’t where black stay in the shade (shade is best in hot weather) hope you have a fun summer 🙂

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from this day and the other days you would be getting poems. they may be good or they may be not as good. please enjoy them 🙂

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dear followers, you probley know there was no up dates on theis webpage fore over a munth. but i would try to keep it updated. do not like theis is a letter. thank you:)

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